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The Deadly Trio: Flea, Tick and Mosquito Product Review

Like most people with pets, I'm all about keeping "The Deadly Trio" at bay. And with all the bad press and horror stories about the adverse effects of the more common treatments for fleas, ticks and mosquitoes (specifically, the pill form and the spot-on form), I pondered trying a more holistic approach. 
This sounds easy enough, unless you consider the risks involved. My mind was reeling with all the kinds of questions. What if it didn't work? Would my home become infested with those vile, nasty critters that are so difficult to get rid of? Would my fur-babies suffer as a result of my option to "experiment"? The guilt began to surface. Fortunately, I paused long enough for the neon "CONTAINS HARMFUL TOXINS" sign to light up my brain and jolt me back into reality. I did not want to unnecessarily expose my precious pets to harmful and potentially deadly toxins and chemicals. 
Ultimately, I opted to proceed; but to do so with caution.
The Only Natural Pet product line seemed to cover all the bases. Impressive. But with 3 dogs and 1 cat, that would tally up to more than I was willing to spend on "experimental" products.
To stay within my price range and still try several things, I ordered 1-Easy Defense Kit for Dogs, another for cats and 2-bottles of Easy Defense Shampoo. Each kit included the powder, spray, collar and tag.
The tags and collars were used on Robert (dog) and Rufus (cat). Rudy and Stella get a dose of the spray and/or powder prior to going outdoors.  The powder is very versatile so this great stuff gets sprinkled on bedding, on the deck, around the yard and anywhere else they choose to flop down.
Admittedly, I don't understand how the flea and tick tag works using "bio-energy". But hey, it couldn't even come close to being as dangerous as the ingredients in other conventional methods of pest control, right? I've had folks attempt to challenge me on my lack of understanding. No matter. What I DO understand is that my precious ones ARE NOT BEING EXPOSED TO DEADLY INGREDIENTS!!
The results from early May until now (late July) are absolutely remarkable. There have been NO FLEAS, TICKS or MOSQUITOES on any of them!!--- NONE, NOT A SINGLE ONE!
What's more, I've not even seen any of those tiny gnats, flies or other annoying insects lighting around them.
I'm truly SOLD on these products and will absolutely be ordering more. There are several other products to choose from so I'll definitely be trying others as well. All my fur-babies will be getting an EASY DEFENSE FLEA AND TICK TAG annually. (Which, by the way, is FAR more economical than either the pill or the spot-on liquid treatment!)
I HIGHLY RECOMMEND the Only Natural Pet flea and tick products.
For the naysayers: Just to keep things perfectly transparent. Yes, I am an affiliate with this company. And yes, I do make a small amount on products ordered from my site. However, first and foremost, my reputation and the health of my animals comes first. Always has---always will. With that being said, I can assure you that I would not risk either of my main priorities for a few dollars!
Besides, I've spent too much time and effort in finding GREAT PRODUCTS to showcase so that people who are looking for HEALTHY ALTERNATIVES will know that they can readily find them at THE CANINE CARDIO CLUB STORE!!

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