About The Canine Cardio Club Store

About The Canine Cardio Club Store


Hello and Welcome!

I am Anita and I founded The Canine Cardio Club.

 It began as a simple dog walking service. You can read all about me and my journey on my main site by clicking here.

I am also a self-proclaimed "dog lady". One rescue organization I like to volunteer for is Hope for Animals Rescue Team. (H.A.R.T.)

It is an animal rescue and adoption organization in KY that does some wonderful work helping animals in need.

The picture below was taken last summer at a H.A.R.T. fundraiser. (My friend is London, a Great Pyrenees that had just rescued was enroute to a rescue facility specializing in that breed.) 

The more I get involved with animals and care for them, the more I realize the need for good products for our pets. There are a multitude of online shopping opportunities for pet supplies but it takes a lot of research to find the best products. That's what The Canine Cardio Club is dedicated to do. Please read some of my informational articles in The Paws Print. (That was a not so subtle plug for my blog!!)

There are so many places to buy pet products and I thank you in advance for shopping here. We donate time and money to rescue efforts in numerous states.

You won't find any food, treats or medicines on this site, but I do have a couple of great recommendations of reputable places to get the healthiest and highest quality products for your pet so please check out the Trusted Partners links.

Once again, thanks for visiting and shopping at our store. I hope you'll return soon. In the meantime, your feedback and reviews are always welcomed!

One more thing that I found truly amazing. Below is a snapshot of precious London 3 weeks after the above was taken.  A truly amazing recovery.

As Always,

High Paws and Happy Hoofing!


The Canine Cardio Club Store

301 Roy Kidd Ave. #1847

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