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Cooling Insert Neck Wrap - Canine Cardio
Cooling Insert Neck Wrap - Canine Cardio

Cooling Insert Neck Wrap

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The Pet Life Summer-cooling ice pack neck wrap is the perfect solution to those  looking to help keep their dog cool during the summer heat. Heat is known to escape from the neck area so by cooling the neck extremity, your dog's body begins to automatically cool down.

Features a surround mesh pouch on the interior for iced gel pack or ice cube placement. The neck circumference is adjustable to fit all neck sizes, for very small dogs it is recommended to fasten around the waste area. The summer-cooling dog neck wrap helps prevent heat stroke or heat related complications while regulating proper body temperature when needed. No instructions required and works in a breeze! Simply place in the freezer or fridge to the desired temperature and place around the neck. Adjustable

Dimensions (Inches): L16 x W2.3 x H.5

  • Adjustable straps to fit all neck sizes
  • Keeps your dog cool
  • Easy to use, just insert iced gel pack or ice in pouch
  • Helps prevent heat related problems and heat stroke
  • Can be placed around the body on small dogs
  • Color: Blue