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Press and Fetch Treat Dispenser - Canine Cardio

Press and Fetch Treat Dispenser

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The Pet Life Press N' Fetch Interactive Treat Launcher Toy automatically launches treats with the click of a button. Simply insert the dry treats inside and click and watch the delightful treats fly out of the device while your dog or cat fetches. This handheld snack flinging interactive launcher will help feed your pet while keeping him or her entertained.

Great for training.

Comes with a wristband, treats sold separately. 

SIZING MEASUREMENTS (INCHES) LxWxH: 7.08 x 4.33 x 1.97

  • Simple Press the Button and watch treats fly in the air
  • A fun and engaging way to both train and reward your pets
  • Comes with a wristband for added safety, protection and travel
  • Features a mini plastic container that opens when placing dry treats inside